Pricing a portrait is one of the most difficult elements of a commission. The primary factor being that each piece is totally individual. Every portrait is catered specifically for the customer. It is ‘made to measure’ not simply ‘off the peg’.

Nevertheless, it would be appropriate to give some basic guide to the cost that you might expect.

Please note that currently, a digital portrait would cost approximately half of that of an oil on canvas. See link below.


What is a digital portrait


My NEW range of 5 inch x 5 inch miniature portraits start from £80 (this is a digital file which you are able to down load. No hard copy) rising to £135 (oil on canvas) Please contact me for details.

An 8 inch by 12 inch canvas (approx 200mm x 300mm) would start from £600.

A 12 inch by 16 inch canvas (approx 300mm x 410mm) would start from £1250 - single dog. Add approx £250 for second dog.

A 16 inch by 20 inch (approx 410mm x 510mm) would start from £2000 - single dog. Add approx £500 for second dog.

Please be aware that these are approximate costs and are starting prices. Composition, type of background (tonal or full landscape), number of subjects - all these factors will affect a quote.

If you wish to enquire further, please go to my ‘Contact Artist’ page.